The United Arab Emirates National Military Museum

The UAE requested a cultural icon to commemorate and inspire future generations toward peace, as well as a design signifying defense, determination, and a proactive presence to ensure it. The structure of the architecture suggests a "portal" or "gateway." It is an invitation to enter the "capital" of the U.A.E. and signifies arrival, thereby referencing the nearby, historic Maqta Fort. The sustainability requirement led to a series of solutions that resolve structural, thermal, and environmental criteria and utilize the Estidama Building Guidelines.

Principal Design:
Bartholomew Voorsanger
Lead Design:
Masayuki Sono, Martin Stigsgaard, Issei Suma
Museum Consultant:
Peggy A. Loar
Ronald Reed
Design Team:
Peter Miller, Van Hsin-Hung Tsao, Jenny Kantawan Neenchaisak,
Jin Lee, Belinda Kanpetch, Robert Cui, Anas Alomaim, Matthew Dierdorf

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