New York Times Virtual Residence

When the New York Times approached Voorsanger Architects for their "Sketch Pad" project we had 72 hours to bring architecture together with an available property on the market selected by journalist, Tracie Rozhon, and to dazzle a potential buyer. A "virtual" design needed a "virtual" client who emerged as a devotee of David Lynch. Inspiration took on a surreal spirit combining architecture with film and photography. The entrance transformed from ornate iron to solid black steel doors. The long driveway morphed into the clients desire for "A Landscape without Hope", volcanic sand and enormous granite boulders watched over by a gray mastiff. The first floor of the house reveals a stage and performance area, the second accommodates two apartments. Enormous skylights descend from the roof. To preserve the aesthetic of the street, the design team did not radically change the facade but redesigned the front door, "exaggerating its cruciform design and recessing the two doors - changing them from white to black".

Design Principal:
Bartholomew Voorsanger
Design Team:
Martin Stigsgaard, Peter Miller

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