Aqua-Polis RA-22, RA-25, RA-40

The challenge of living on water is becoming increasingly relevant as we experience the effects of global warming and with that the rising sea level. Coastal regions and islands are in danger of disappearing into the sea completely. RSA Protective Technologies and Voorsanger Architects have developed a contemporary model to resolve the issues of living on water with a variety of options for different locations around the world. Aqua-Polis is a series of floating / water going structures with multiple program possibilities. The models have multiple purposes, varying sizes and surface areas which can accommodate a range of requirements depending on the program. These programs can have recreational facilities, spas, gardens, swimming pools, diving centers as well as retail, restaurants and entertainment. Future options will involve accommodation in the form of hotels or temporary living. The Aqua-Polis can contain helipads and emergency flotation pods with a central shaft connecting the upper and lower levels making the complex integrated at several levels as well as meeting safety standards. They are either towed to a designated area or have added bow thrusters that allow it to be drivable.

Design Principal:
Bartholomew Voorsanger
Lead Design:
Martin Stigsgaard
Ronald Reed
Design Team:
Michelle Frantellizzi