The Water Institute of the Gulf Headquarters

As the Institute has its aspirational goals, so should the architecture. The evolving form of the building reaches to the Campus, enhances visitation to the river and offers the Institute multiple internal and external venues, for interpretative exhibits and interaction with the public. The interior of the Institute is proposed with a multi-story opening, making all floors and programs visible upon entry. The program is presently envisaged as approximately one-third public and two-thirds private; but as the Campus builds out, this ratio can evolve to two-thirds public one-third private. The floor-to-floor heights, circulation, and structure are of a dimension offering flexible growth. Thus the Interpretive Center could occupy multiple floors, or other modification to the overall program, without having to involve significant demolition and change. As the building is used as a practical and metaphorical laboratory to introduce and explore ideas, there is a similar material exploration. The proposed appearance is suggested as industrial and simple. Initial material suggestions are glass, marine-grade wood, galvanized metal and ceramic, used either singularly or paired. The material selection ultimately must enhance the presence and drama of the Institute’s message, the landscape and its global vista.

Design Principal:
Bartholomew Voorsanger
Management/Design Principal:
Martin Stigsgaard
Design Team:
Erin Kelly, Kyle Proefke

Associate Architect:
Mathes Brierre Architects, New Orleans, LA
Firm established for project - Voorsanger Mathes LLC

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