Tribeca Loft

The project is the interior renovation of a 3,500sf, full sixth floor loft, within a recently completed eight story building of new construction. The building, designed by others, is meant to mimic the historic character of the former industrial neighborhood. Renovation of the space was completed in March 2013.

The project evolved with our requested focus on the main public spaces and master bedroom suite. A first renovation project for our client, his approach to project was first acceptance (drawings/models), then hesitancy (mockups/framing), then rejection (continuous full size mockups and exploration) until the project became a laboratory for ideas and the perfection of fabrication and execution of construction. In reality this has been an exhilarating experience for an architect, the full team and a client willing to expend the time and resources to search.

Our strategy from inception was to evolve a counter intuitive direction from the minimal obedience and neutrality of so much loft design. The loft needed a visceral anchoring and tactility of material offering density and authenticity. Inserted longitudinally and faceted in plan is the insertion of stone wall active in surface geometry and sectional movement. The wall separates the public and private arenas of the loft. Color spectrum is a movement through greys, blacks and vibrating white. Most of the furniture, dining table and light fixture, side table, master bed, millwork has been designed by us with horizontal and vertical movement depending on its orientation and location.

As explained earlier the project became this truly exciting evolution of exploration. But for all who participated, visited and critiqued it, these being the community of builders, fabricators, architects, artisans and designers, the project has offered the exploration of virtual fabrication locally and internationally. This resulted in a quality that is very special and a laboratory for all including the Owner in searching for an extraordinary resolution and fabrication.

Design Principal:
Bartholomew Voorsanger
Design Lead:
Martin Stigsgaard

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