The National WWII Museum

The National World War II Museum will afford visitors the ability to view over 80,000 sf of inter-active and interpretative exhibits with a completed size of 242,000 sf. To facilitate the visitor experience, we propose that their journey be guided through a series of "Pavilions" along a continuous route that we label the "Path to Victory". This experiential path takes each patron through the various pavilions and their exhibits as well as transverses the central green space entitled the "Parade Ground & Landscape of War". To assist in providing visual continuity and weather protection, we propose a floating canopy to unify the individual elements with a large scale, recognizable image signifying a national museum.

The Pavilion strategy which interweaves architecture with landscape also enables "Phasing" of expansion process which results in economic and programmatic flexibility. Uniquely defined contents and their design identities reflected on each Pavilions provide enhanced naming opportunities throughout the Museum’s fundraising campaigns. The Pavilion system also proved extremely effective under the Post-Katrina redesign process where fundamental master plan strategies and scopes were revised.

Design Principal:
Bartholomew Voorsanger
Lead Design:
Martin Stigsgaard, Masayuki Sono
Museum Consultant:
Peggy A. Loar
Design Team:
Peter Miller, James Macdonald, Radoslaw Krysztofiak , Andrea Wiedemann, Mark Wagner, Reema Pathak, Van Hsin-Hung Tsao, Issei Suma, Won Jun Jung, Anastasiya Konopitskaya
Additional Competition Staff:
Chieko Takahashi, Yoonkee Hong, Sabrina Schollmeyer, Victor Viera, Omar Renteria

Associate Architect:
Mathes Brierre Architects, New Orleans, LA
Firm established for project - Voorsanger Mathes LLC

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