Dubai Villa – Residences & Masterplan

Travelers and inhabitants in the Middle East with their multi-cultural sophistication are demanding a more contemporary habitat. The five villa types range in design from the loft to the classic Middle Eastern room organization. They all have been designed to become original in orientation, sustainability, transparency and privacy. Unique to the villas are the unimpeded internal vistas to both the gardens and streetscape. The roofs act as large visors that significantly control the amount of sun coming into the building, thereby reducing heat gain. They are expressive unifying elements creating an identity individual to the villas and the entire complex. Additionally, there are metallic scrims, of three layers, set vertically that provides increased shading and most importantly multiple levels of privacy.

The villas vary in size from 3,500-6,200 sf or 325-575 sm.

Design Principal:
Bartholomew Voorsanger
Ronald Reed
Design Team:
Issei Suma, Van Hsin-Hung Tsao, James MacDonald ,
Reema Pathek, Jenny Kantawan Neenchaisak, Belinda Kanpetch

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