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Love and Its Harvest

Doina Uricariu  the glass book

How was the body constructed ?
It was a whole made of many limbs?
How was the place of love built?
As a museum with many altars?

 If the foot would say:
“Because I am not a hand I cannot be part of this body”
maybe it would not belong
to the building from which I do not wish to sever?

 And if the ear would say:
“I am not part of this body because I am not a gaze
would it be a less honest
fragment in this yet unique whole?

 And what if the entire body were to be an eye only?
Where would the hearing be? The smell and caress?
From these and other limbs this body gathers itself
and so does it tie chain-links and strength,

 And the way limbs settled
Everyone in a body and different from it,
If everything would be a limb
How would the body that holds them together come into being?

 And museum, a body and its limbs
revealed beforehand
a cathedral with many altars

 As love is in all its postures
in the same walled city
A construct of many masques
tied by the same foundation.

How was the body constructed?
Is it alone and uniquely assembled from so many limbs.
Let the trees stare at it.
Their love with rich foliage
As an evergreen altar where
The sky prays that upon which it would be called. 

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