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Press & Publications

New Orleans Magazine
"Best New Architecture: 5 Experiments in Excellence",
by John P. Klingman, March 2013, pp. 88-89

New York Times
"A Big Exhibition about an Even Bigger War",
by Edward Rothstein, January 12, 2013, pp.C1, C5

The Times-Picayune,
"WWII Museum’s New Pavilion Shows Off the Great Arsenal of Democracy",
by John Pope, January 11, 2013, pp. A1, A16-A17

American Builders Quarterly,
"Theater of War",
by Benjamin van Loon, January/February/March 2013, pp. 68-75, Cover

Metal Architecture,
"Design Awards - Silver Waves",
by Paul Deffenbaugh, July 2011, pp. 34-35

International Wood,
"All Hands On Deck”,
Fall/Winter 2010, pp. 12-14

New Orleans,
“The Years Best Architecture: 6 Projects Worth Examining”,
by John Klingman, March 2010, pp. 62-64

AIA Housing Awards 2007-2008,
"Wildcat Ridge Residence”,
by Ahmad A. Dia, No.1, 2009, pp. 160-185, cover

Modern Decoration Home,
"Wildcat Ridge Residence”,
Vol. 155, 2009, pp. 68-73

Interior World,
“Wildcat Ridge Residence”,
Vol. 73, pp. 136-143

New York Times,
“New Digs for Hip Pets, to Help Others”,
by Elaine Louie, November 13, 2008, p. D3

Architecture Plus,
“Wildcat Ridge”,
Issue 20, pp.51-55

Taiwan Architect,
“Wildcat Ridge Residence”,
2008/2007, pp. 40-41

Fabric Architecture,
“Under the Arches”,
by Brianna Bowne, July/August 2008, pp. 44-45

Builder News,
“On the Roof of Colorado”,
by Mark Bernard Steck, May 2008, p. 37, cover

The New York Times,
“Folding a Large and Symbolic Tent Downtown”,
by David W. Dunlap, April 10, 2008

The New York Times, Sketch Pad,
“Brooklyn by Way of Twin Peaks”,
by Tracie Rozhon, July 1, 2007

Innovative Home,
“Modern Mountain Majesty”,
by Alison R. Crouch, Summer 2007, pp. 28-35

Town & Country,
“Inside Out, by Sarah Medford”,
May 2007, pp. 156-163

Stone World,
“A Mountain Retreat Defined In Stone”,
by Jennifer Adams, March 2007, pp. 124-130

Builder News,
“Coronado Ridge Residence”,
January 2007, p. 98

Engineering News Record,
“WTC Steel Artifacts Stabilized for the Sake of History”,
by Nadine M. Post, December 18, 2006, pp. 16-17

Queens Chronicle,
“York Observatory Comes Into Focus”,
by Christopher Henderson, December 12, 2006

Western Interiors & Design,
“Colorado Skyline”,
by Mindy Pantiel, November/December 2006, pp.128-137

New York 2000,
Robert A.M. Stern, David Fishman, Jacob Tilove,
The Monacelli Press, 2006, pp. 68-69, 329, 361-362, 388-392, 892, 898-899, 962-964, 1066-1067, 1179-1180, 1230-1232

Hot Homes,
by Suzanne Trocme, Jacqui Small LLP, 2006, pp. 18-25, 168

“Architectura Vazuta Prin Ochii Lui Bartholomew Voorsanger”,
July 2006, pp. 26-32

by Tina Preschitz, April/May 2006, pp. 112-122

“Interiors Honor”,
Vol. 68, Issue 1, p. 28

The New York Times,
“French Plays Catch-Up, Stylishly & Grumbling”,
by Glenn Collins, January 31, 2006

“Full House”,
by Todd Jatras, January 2006, pp. 106-107

Estates West,
“Sweet Seclusion”,
by Colleen Ringer, Anniversary 2005, pp. 80-83

Architectural Record,
“Honor Awards Interiors”,
May 2005, p. 135

House Beautiful,
“Raising Arizona”,
by Kathryn Harris, February 2005, pp.56-62

Modern Steel Construction,
“Simply Serene”,
by Seth Wolfe, PE and Matthys Levy, PE, December 2004, pp. 27-30, cover

Elements of Living,
“Designing New York”,
by Donna Paul, November 2004, p.46

Fabric Architecture,
“New World War II Museum covered by Fabric”,
July/August 2004, pg. 6

Patent Trader,
“Veteran’s Visit Inspires Unique Tribute to War Heroes”,
by Catherine Foley, July 2004, pp. A1 and A3

Architectural Record,
“Expansion of D-Day Museum Unveiled”,
by Nancy B. Solomon, May 2004, p. 42

Arhitext Design,
“Bartholomew Voorsanger: Montana House”
by Livio Dimitriu, April 2004, pp. 58-61

The Architect’s Newspaper,
“Vietnam Memorial Shortlist”,
March 23, 2004 p.5

The Architect’s Newspaper,
“WWII Remembered: Voorsanger Named Architect of National D-Day Museum”,
March 9, 2004 p. 6

The Times Picayune,
“Building on Success,”
by Elizabeth Mullener, January 23, 2004, p. 1

New York Times House & Home,
“House of Sand & Strictures,”
by Donna Paul, January 8, 2004, p. F1

Arhitext Design,
“Atelier: Bartholomew Voorsanger”,
October 2003, pp. 25-46

by David Shearer, Vol. III, Issue 4, pp.38-41

“Coronado’s Hidden Treasure,”
by Kim Singletary, Summer 2003, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 24-28

“Il Volume Inventato,”
by Elena Tomei, January 2003, pp. 50-55

Metals in Construction,
“Doing Things Perfectly,”
by Frank Petrigliano, Winter 2002-03, pp. 56-59

“Asia Society & Museum”,
Vol. 11, 2002, pp. 122-143

The Claremont Courier,
“Looking Forward by Looking Back: The Architecture of September 11”,
by Gary Scott, Sep. 11, 2002

The Art Newspaper,
“Lest We Forget”,
by Jason Kaufman, Sept 2002

Art In America,
“WTC Sculpture: Lost or Destroyed?”,
by Janet Koplos, Sept 2002

“In Secluded Outpost of JFK, A Ground Zero Time Capsule”,
by Graham Rayman, July 31, 2002

Town & Country,
“New York’s Fabulous Five”,
by Anthony Barzilay Freund, June 2002, pp. 93-100

Interior Design,
On the Rise”,
by Laura Kaiser Fischer, May 2002, pp.222-228, pp. 305

Poetics in Architecture,
“Cultural Ministry”,
edited by Leon Van Schaik, London, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 2002, pp. 109-113

Arhitext Design,
“International: Bartholomew Voorsanger”,
March 2002, p. 50-51

Arhitext Design,
“The Case for a New University Art Museum”,
by Jill Hartz, March 2002, p. 52-53

Arhitext Design,
“Introduction for Museum Feasibility Study”,
by Jill Hartz, March 2002, p. 54-55

Arhitext Design,
“Captive Landscapes”,
by Livio Dimitriu, March 2002, p. 56-64

“(Far) East Side Makeover”,
by Craig Kellogg, Vol. 64, No. 5/6, January/February 2002, pp. 10-11

New York Times,
“From the Rubble, Artifacts of Anguish”,
by Eric Lipton & James Glanz, January 27, 2002

New York Post,
“Memory of 9/11”,
by William Neuman, January 27, 2002

Los Angeles Times,
“Art Bent but Not Broken”,
by Karen Kaplan, December 12, 2001

The New Yorker,
“A Park Avenue Makeover”,
December 10, 2001, p.48

New York Magazine,
“Gathering to Remember”,
by David Carr, December 3, 2001, p. 20

Van Alen Report,
“Three Museums Open Up”,
December 2001

“Questioning: Bartholomew Voorsanger”,
December 2001, p. 58

Albuquerque Journal,
“Steel Beams May Be Used In Memorial”,
by Thomas J. Cole, November 24, 2001