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The Architecture of the Elitra

Doina Uricariu  the glass book

Do you remember the fairy tale of the Sleeping Beauty,
with the prince that brings her to life with a kiss.
On a blue ridge, in a forest
you will relive the fairy tale of long ago. 

Among tall trees,
In its green and rustling empire,
between the earth and the sky,
in a God-given leaf crib
On the blue ridge
In a forest of the immense Virginia
we will relive your tale, and mine.

In the glass and wood crib
Like a hammock stretched between trees.
Like a giant crystal locust.
Or perhaps a rare butterfly,
Other worldly, resting here
in a forest of the immense Virginia,
In its millennial paradise.

The architecture of the elitra. weightless construction,
glazed walls, winged roof in green splendor
Seems built of sap and overflowed chlorophyll,
The house that God watches from above
like a larger leaf.

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