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The Miraculous Graft

Doina Uricariu  the glass book

The houses built upon a once-upon-a-time
dream of becoming again
trunks of young trees, inexperienced,
which need to be grafted.
Or, similarly to a wise forest
beginning to lullaby a sea of seedlings at their feet,
A sea of fresh growth
under the earths armpit.

You close in and search for your rightful place
where metamorphosis begins,
the place where you carve the bark and the trunk
and where you can add a new age ring,
sap passes from live graft to the old wood
like a change of gods in quadriga.

And even though the old walls
have their own backbone and stair.
The full frame in an accomplished building,
You will have to find that fertile place
For the new stairs and the axis of light

A crystal seedling
steps of blue glass.
To build a new stair instead of the old,
An immense lavender seedling.
With its steel stem growing under the arm.

In the emphasis of the elastic steel structure
that leaves the work naked,
You ought to climb new steps
to feel the gentle lull.

How would it have felt, the sea,
when it crossed on the fishes bade
Ihe phosphorus stair, from its frame, not to see it?
This is how my foot touches the blue stair

This is how I glimpse from the ramp
the miraculous graft in facade.

Sometimes old houses, aged, dream of becoming again
A wise forest sprouting new seedlings
and you begin building into their body.

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