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To Inhabit a Lens

Doina Uricariu  the glass book

To inhabit a lens, to live in a transparent ingot
Let each wall become an immense eyelid wide open,
an immense lens to behold god’s work,
mountains and lakes
the clay and the stone to watch upon you,
the scree to greet you,
the sky to enter the house,
your eye to be one with the all-seeing,
like two lovers in awe of their own splendor,
in the sight that binds them eternal,
in silence transparent.
May you breathe the transparency of this resonating box.

 An immense eye
let it be the soul of the house
a blessed crystal
and seeing all.  

Sunken in the solitude of the landscape
with it may you become one,
aver closer to the miraculous birth,
like two children propped against this glass pane,
their cheeks smashed to the transparent lens
the better and the more
to see the unseen. 

To inhabit a house,
let it be even the eye to perceive
nature as the light that beholds you,
the sight enamored, the wise gaze:
the sky sees you,
and slowly you sink in its pores, in the world’s vessel,
this landscape, this obstinate search
let it inhabit you,
may you become its tenant
home here,
in a transparent ingot of bliss. 

in the sound box of all that exists,
let every wall become a giant eyelid,
an immense howling lens.

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